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Watch the video above. See how Emmunize Proactive PC Protection provides you with the most complete protection from viruses and all other malicious software. Other security products block files on lists of known “bad” software. This approach will never secure your PC effectively as all viruses begin as unknown files. Until a malicious file becomes discovered or “known”, which can take days or even weeks, YOU ARE AT RISK! Emmunize does not rely on outdated methods of protecting your computer such as definitions, signatures or behavioral detection.

Emmunize was 7 years in development, field tested by thousands, and has been independently verified by MRG Effitas (Malware Research Group).  It’s new and refreshing pro-active approach blocks all malicious software, even the unknown ones, before an infection occurs, providing you with peace of mind and confidence when browsing the Internet. Emmunize is the only product to combine application white listing with a cloud antivirus engine. And unlike other antivirus solutions, Emmunize is light on PC resources even while scanning for threats. Say no to spyware, trojans, viruses, and all other types of malware forever. Watch the videos to learn how Emmunize protects you and your computer better than the other security products. Just $6.99/month ($8.99 for 3 PC’s). Click Here to Buy Now!

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