The 9X9X9 Plan:

While a full 3X9 Emmunize matrix pays out $20,672.40/month there is much more money to be made by way of the matching bonuses. That’s where the 9X9X9 plan comes in.

If you refer 9 (or more!) very dedicated people to help you grow your network and have them do the same you will greatly increase your earnings. Referring at least 9 people opens up three levels of matching bonuses, 20% on those all those you refer, 10%  on everyone that they refer and another 10% on their referrals’ referrals.

Inviting just 9 who each invite 9 who in turn each invite another 9 equals 810 people. You will receive commissions based on the matrix earnings of these 810 people. Let’s use a modest number and assume that each earns a nominal $1000/month.

 You then have:

# Members Earning $1000/month Income Your Commissions
Level 1 = 9        20% Commission $9,000 $1,800
Level 2 = 81      10% Commission $81,000 $8,100
Level 3 = 720    10% Commission $720,000 $72,000
Total $810,000 $81,900

YES! That number IS $81,900/month in commissions – paid to you just based on those 810 people earning a nominal $1,000/month from Emmunize! And it doesn’t stop there. Invite more than 9 new affiliates and the plan applies to ALL of your personal referrals, their referrals and their personals’ personals!

So you see, you can do your own math and just imagine how much money you and all of your dedicated referrals can earn by promoting this fantastic software!